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Download 11/22/63 PDF by Stephen King. King writes on a time traveler who endeavors to avoid the death of President John F. Kennedy, which happened on November 22, 1963.

About Stephen King

Stephen King is an American horror fiction author and many which are adapted in movies and television series. More than 350 million copies are sold by his books. He has written more than 200 stories. Lastly, Stephen king is known as the “King of Horror”.

Reviews of 11/22/63

1. Rating 4.5/5

This book is extraordinary compared to other I have perused in some time for its length. It’s an unadulterated virtuoso.
Who hasn’t needed second chances throughout their life? I would most likely return to when I began secondary school and settle on more shrewd choices.
I would have wanted to have heard the discussions between Stephen King, his better half and their child, Author Joe Hill. His better half still remains with the hypotheses that Oswald didn’t act alone, and Joe Hill thought of another approach to part of the arrangement.
The manner in which King depicts the characters in this makes them entirely trustworthy and ones you become connected to. The lead character is mind-boggling and frequently alone. I was frequently pondering internally, “no, don’t do that, do this.” He is additionally the storyteller of the story. Jake/George is told about a time travel system by a companion where he can spare JFK from death and change what’s to come. To uncover more would require spoilers.
The quality of the story really lies with the characters and the bonds that they structure. I felt their feelings simply like I was there. I could taste the root lager in the iced mug at the soft drink wellspring counter.

2. Rating 4/5

Stephen King is certainly not an artistic essayist. Truth be told, in scholarly circles, I am worried about the possibility that he may not be considered even a decent essayist. I am practically sure that he won’t win the Nobel Prize for writing; even the Booker and Pulitzer likewise appears to be probably not going to come to him.
What difference does it make? Since King is the remainder of that withering breed: the storyteller. The soul that moves in him is similar which energized the stone-age shaman as he described intriguing, phenomenal, bloodcurdling, unrefined and wistful stories to the gathering of bug-peered toward audience members lounging around the open-air fire. In this way were legend, craftsmanship, writing, and show conceived. This is the root, the origin of everything associated with the human soul.
“It is the story, not he who tells it.” – Stephen King
For sure, the story is everything…
In 11.22.63, King moves from his typical zone of intrigue and creates a time travel story which no one but he can convey. This isn’t the first occasion when he has fiddled with the subject: the idea of changing the past and various time-streams are found in The Dark Tower arrangement (but in a less earth-shaking way), and the relativity of time is managed overwhelming everything in the vicinity in the splendid short story The Jaunt. Be that as it may, this is the first run through King has managed time travel itself as the subject of a full-length novel.

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