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    Reviews for A Mini Guide to Critical Thinking

    Review 1, Rating 4/5

    This was a remarkable and informative very little book on the standards and components of vital thinking and the way these cause positive intellectual traits. This was difficult to Maine as I contemplate my very own assuming and the way to think critically. this could facilitate Maine contemplate however i am teaching and act likewise as difficult my students.

    Review 2, Rating 4/5

    This little guide may be an o.k. structure and sententious tool that explains the in’s and out’s of vital thinking. although twenty pages long, it’s created Maine analyze a number of topics and lead my thinking through the queries they supply. i might recommend it!

    Review 3 , Rating 5/5

    This is one among a number of books that i believe ought to be scan by everybody. It’s straightforward, small, and revolutionary—which is each smart and, to be honest, sad. It’s smart as a result of in one straightforward pocket guide, that takes all of twenty minutes to scan (quickly), the essential tools of vital thinking square measure introduced. As a result of, well, we should always all be aware of these ideas already! By “we,” i am principally relating the folks around me: educated folks, by and huge, progressing to school. however vital thinking, as an exact discipline, is never schooled. I’ve scan variety of stories articles wailful the shortage of vital thinking in school graduates, nevertheless, these articles themselves will hardly do over anyone else to outline what we have a tendency to *mean* by vital thinking. that is wherever, I think, this book succeeds. It introduces one to a definition of vital thinking (“Critical thinking is that the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a read to enhance it”), elaborates on it on the face of it straightforward definition, and introduces one to the tools of study (the “elements” of thought: ideas, assumptions, questions, etc.) and therefore the tools of analysis (the “standards” of thought: exactness, accuracy, clarity, relevance, breadth, and so on). there is additional thereto, of course, however, it’s extremely, extremely good—even as merely AN introduction. For a bigger and additional elaborate manual to thinking clearly, i might suggest vital Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Learning and Your Life. 5/5 stars for being a transparent and sententious introduction to one thing i believe everybody ought to understand additional regarding. because the authors emphasize, unhealthy thinking is that the reason for just about each human drawback.

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