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Although the birth of Web took place in August 1991, it did not become commercial until around 1995. In those early days, it was kind of fun to have a spinning logo, a few pictures, and your contact details as the basis of your online presence. My first website was just that—no more than my curriculum vitae online at the University of Bristol. Then companies decided to copy (or worse, scan) their paper catalogs and brochures and simply dump these on their websites. This was a step forward in providing more content, but the user experience was poor, to say the least, and no one was measuring conversions. The most anyone kept track of was hits, which nobody ever really understood, though they were assumed (incorrectly) to visit.
Around the year 2000, fueled by the dot-com boom, people suddenly seemed to realize the potential of the Web as a useful medium to find information; the number of visitors using it grew rapidly. Organizations started to think about fundamental questions such as “What is the purpose of having a website?” and considered how to build relevant content for their online presence. With that, the user experience improved. Then, when widespread broadband adoption began, those organizations wanted to attract the huge audience that was now online, hence the reason for the rapid growth in search-engine marketing that followed.
Now, with businesses accepting the growing importance of their online presence, they are prepared to invest. But how much money and resources should an organization put into this? For example, should the site cater to ten languages, accept five currencies, and run in four browser types from visitors with six different operating systems, including mobile? How should the site be marketed, which channels are most effective, and can we predict the return on investment for the next campaign?
Answering such questions requires data and hence a measurement tool. Put simply, this is what web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, allow you to do—study the online experience, to improve it.
But what can be measured, how accurate is this, and how can a business be benchmarked? In other words, how do you measure success? Using best-practice principles I have gained as a professional practitioner, this book uses real-world examples that demonstrate how to manage Google Analytics. These include not only installation and configuration guides but also how to turn data into information that enables you to understand your website visitor’s experience. With this understanding, you can then build business action items to drive improvements in visitor acquisition (both online and offline), conversion rates, repeat visit rates, customer retention, and ultimately your bottom line.

Download Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics PDF by Brian Clifton

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  • Book Name: Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics
  • Author: Brian Clifton
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