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After We Collided PDF by Anna Todd

Download After We Collided PDF by Anna Todd published on 25 November 2014. You can download this book in PDF format from the link provided below.

Inside After We Collided by Anna Todd

It took longer than a month,” I sob as Zed finishes explaining how the bet came to be made. I feel sick to my stomach, and I close my eyes to get some relief. “I know. He kept coming up with excuses and he kept asking for more time and he’d lower the amount he was supposed to get. It was weird. We all just thought he was obsessed with winning—like to prove a point or something—but now I get it.”
Zed stops talking for a second, and his eyes scan my face. “It was all he talked about. Then, that day when I invited you to the movies, he flipped out. After he dropped you back off, he totally flipped shit on me and said I had to stay away from you. But I just laughed it off, because I thought he was drunk.” “Did he . . . did he tell you about the stream? And the . . . other stuff?”
I hold my breath as I ask. The pity in his eyes answers me. “Oh my God.” I put my hands over my face. “He told us everything . . . I mean everything . . .” he says in a low voice. I stay quiet and turn off my phone. It hasn’t stopped vibrating since I left the bar. He has no right to be calling me. “Where’s your new dorm?” Zed asks, and I notice we’re near campus. “I don’t live in a dorm. Hardin and I . . .” I can barely finish my sentence. “He convinced me to move in with him, just a week ago.” “He didn’t,” Zed gasps. “He did. He’s so beyond . . . he’s j-just . . .” I stutter, unable to come up with a fitting word for his cruelty.

Download After We Collided PDF by Anna Todd

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