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Here you are, contemplating reading a book on Algebra II. It isn’t a mystery novel, although you can find people who think mathematics, in general, is a mystery. It isn’t a historical account, even though you find some historical tidbits scattered here and there. Science fiction isn’t; mathematics is a science, but you find more fact than fiction. As Joe Friday (star of the old Dragnet series) says, “The facts, ma’am, just the facts.” This book isn’t light reading, although I attempt to interject humor whenever possible. What you find in this book is a glimpse into the way I teach: uncovering mysteries, working in historical perspectives, providing information, and introducing the topic of Algebra II with good-natured humor. This book has the best of all literary types! Over the years, I’ve tried many approaches to teaching algebra, and I hope that with this book I’m helping you cope with other teaching methods.

About the book

Because you’re interested in this book, you probably fall into one of four categories:
 You’re fresh off Algebra I and feel eager to start on this new venture.  You’ve been away from algebra for a while, but math has always been your strength, so you don’t want to start too far back.  You’re a parent of a student embarking on or having some trouble with an Algebra II class and you want to help.  You’re just naturally curious about science and mathematics and you want to get to the good stuff that’s in Algebra II.
Whichever category you represent (and I may have missed one or two), you’ll find what you need in this book. You can find some advanced algebraic topics, but I also cover the necessary basics, too. You can also find plenty of connections — the ways different algebraic topics connect with each other and the ways the algebra connects with other areas of mathematics.
After all, the many other math areas drive Algebra II. Algebra is the passport to studying calculus, trigonometry, number theory, geometry, and all sorts of good mathematics. Algebra is basic, and the algebra you find here will help you grow your skills and knowledge so you can do well in math courses and possibly pursue other math topics.

About the Author

Mary Jane Sterling has been an educator since graduating from college. Teaching at the junior high, high school, and college levels, she has had the full span of experiences and opportunities to determine how best to explain how mathematics works. She has been teaching at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, for the past 30 years. She is also the author of Algebra II For Dummies, Trigonometry For Dummies, Math Word Problems For Dummies, Business Math For Dummies, and Linear Algebra For Dummies

Reviews for Algebra II for Dummies

  1. Great resource. Covers higher-level arithmetic however way on the far side full and breadth from what I will bear in mind taking in Gr. twelve pure mathematics and pure mathematics. If you’ll master the contents of the Dummies and arithmetic series leading up to pure mathematics II, similarly as pure mathematics II, you’ll be ready for university arithmetic courses. This book is far tougher than pure mathematics I.
  2. Very well explained and condensed. If you’ll transfer worksheets thus on observe the varied skills as you progress, this book makes it simple to advance quite quickly.

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