Appeal to the Heart by David Horne

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appeal heart, david horne

Appeal to the Heart by David Horne (ePUB)


Joe was lucky to have a job where he would be able to work from home for his children. He worked hard to get where he was, and he was not about to let his cheating ex-wife take it away from him. The pointless calls to CPS and the police turning up are taking a toll on him, especially with their court case regarding custody coming up. Joe needs to keep his cool. Especially when he recognizes his ex-wife’s new lawyer, forcing him into a conflict he didn’t expect to be in.

Alex thought the one-night stand he had with a gorgeous stranger was just going to be that. Then he sees the man as the defendant the next morning in his custody case. Ex-wife Tracey says Joe is a lot of bad things, but Alex’s gut says otherwise. He can see that she’s using the children as pawns and Joe is suffering, but can Alex say something without jeopardizing his job?

Please Note: This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novel, approximately 30,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a “cliffhanger.” Themes include: Courtroom romance, enemies to lovers, single father romance.

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