Ask and It Is Given PDF by Esther Hicks, and Jerry Hicks

Ask and It Is Given PDF by Esther Hicks, and Jerry Hicks

Download Ask and It is Given PDF by Esther Hicks, and Jerry Hicks published on 1 September 2004. You can download this book in PDF format and read it on any device.

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We are called Abraham, and we are speaking to you from the Non Physical dimension. Of course, you must understand that you also have come forth from the Non-Physical dimension, so we are not so different from one another. Your physical world has come forth from the projection of the Non-Physical. In fact, you and your physical world are extensions of the Non-Physical Source Energy. In this Non-Physical realm, we do not use words, for we do not require language. We also do not have tongues with which to speak or ears with which to hear, although we do communicate perfectly with one another.
Our Non-Physical language is one of vibration, and our NonPhysical communities, or families, are those of intention. In other words, we radiate that which we are, vibrationally, and others of like intent assemble. That is also true of your physical world, although most of you have forgotten that this is so.
Abraham is a family of Non-Physical Beings naturally assembled by our powerful intention to remind you, our physical extensions, of the Laws of the Universe that govern all things. It is our intention to help you remember that you are extensions of Source Energy; that you are blessed, loved Beings; and that you have come forth into this physical time-space-reality to joyously create

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