At All by Mindy McKinley

at all, mindy mckinley

At All (Adams Brothers, #3) by Mindy McKinley – Free Download


Her life is uncomplicated. He’s about to turn it upside down with a single kiss.

Growing up as the daughter of a world-famous violinist has had its drawbacks for Maelie Barre. After spending most of her life trying to build a name for herself separate from her father’s, she finally has her dream job as a respected violin teacher. With a pedagogy book in the works, everything seems to be falling into place until an incredibly hot saxophonist moves into the studio next to hers.

Sebastian Adams is struggling. After an epic, alcohol-infused fall from grace as the best tenor saxophonist in the country, he finds himself teaching private lessons back home in Chicago until he can prove he’s recovered. To his shock, teaching is not the walk in the park he thought it would be and when his tightly wound studio neighbor starts appearing in his dreams, he is certain he’s finally lost it.

A couple of arguments and an unexpectedly hot kiss later, they can’t deny their attraction. But can Maelie let Seb turn her quiet life upside down? And how far will Seb go to keep her in his arms?

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