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    About Chanakya’s Chant

    • Chanakya’s Chant is one of the best-selling books by Ashwin Sanghi which was released on 26 January 2011
    • Also, He is one of the greatest Strategists who was successful in installing Chandragupta on the throne of the massive Mauryan empire.
    • Lastly, history has repeated and Chanakya in the avatar of Gangasagar Mishra, a Brahmin teacher in the small town of India.

    More information about the book


    1. Rating 4/5

    This book did to me what ‘Adoptive parent’ had done per month back. As an individual, there was no chance that I could value the ‘intelligence’ being proliferated by either Chanakya or his cutting edge symbol Professor Gangasagar Mishra-that finishes legitimize the methods, that all governmental issues are filthy. However, I couldn’t resist valuing the equivalent ‘insight’ as brain research under study. The sheer keenness and crude crafty of both the kingmakers started to intrigue me from the word go and the stunning pace at which it ran constrained me to complete it in 2 settings level.
    Anyone who has a considerable measure of enthusiasm for legislative issues or recorded/legendary fiction will love this book. Regardless of whether she/he doesn’t concur with what it embraces.

    Inside this book

    The old man sat propped up in his hospital bed. Monitors beeped numbers and ɻashed graphs, measuring his vital signs. His frail arms had been punctured with an endless number of needles and a tube ran through his mouth into his lungs. He knew that life was ebbing from his body but had prayed to Shakti to allow him to live long enough to savor the moment he had been waiting for.
    The room was dark, blackout curtains having been drawn to block out the sunlight, except for the psychedelic illumination produced by the moving images on television. The duty nurse sat on a chair beside his steel bed, dozing oʃ intermittently. Light from the television sparkled in the octogenarian’s eyes as he watched the eighteenth prime minister of India take the oath of office.

    Chanakya’s Chant EPUB

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