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Confessions of a Video Vixen PDF by Karrine Steffans

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Like so many young girls, I grew up wanting to be famous. I used to watch television and dream about the Beverly Hills lifestyle seen in all of my favorite films. I wanted to live below that HOLLYWOOD sign and drive down Sunset Boulevard and over Mull-holland Drive in a Mercedes-Benz while wearing a designer scarf and huge black sunglasses. I wanted to be known by the rich and famous and be seen lunch-ing with the in-crowd. I wanted to live where they lived and do what they do. I wanted to belong. I reached most of my goals, but I didn’t do it in a conventional way. I did it using the oldest trick in the book.
Sex. I am not always proud of what I did, and there are things that I would do over if I could. But I made the best out of what I started with—an abusive mother and an absent father. I didn’t write this book to excuse my past. I sat down to write this book because I think my story can serve as a warning to anyone aspiring to the kind of life I have led, and there are plenty of young people trying to do just that. Where young girls once aspired to be models and ballerinas, they now aspire to be hip hop video girls, the next hot girl in the hottest artist’s video. Having lived that life, I can say it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be.

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Your address book must read like a Who’s Who of the entertainment world. You know a lot of celebrities from the hip hop, sports, and movie industries, some of whom grace the pages of Confessions of a Video Vixen. Why write a book about your encounters with them now? Confessions of a Video Vixen is not a book about my encounters with celebrities or anyone else for that matter. It is my life story, thus far, which just so happens to include some people you may have heard of. Confessions is a story of a maladjusted young girl who grew into a confused and misguided young woman.
It’s a story of failure and triumph with the message that how one’s life begins doesn’t determine where one’s life will go. The cover copy calls this a “cautionary tale.” Whom do you want to caution? And what do you want to caution them about? Confessions is a story for the masses. There is something in it for everyone; however, I hope to influence those who may be a bit like me: young, impressionable women who lack guidance and self-confidence. I am honored and privileged to be able to share my story and the lessons that are packed into it, such as learning to be comfortable in your own skin and not needing a man or 208 money to define you.

Download Confessions of a Video Vixen PDF

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