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Connect the Dots EPUB by Rashmi Bansal

Download Connect the Dots EPUB by Rashmi Bansal. What ties the 20 genuine life heroes of the book together is that they are for the most part business people – however without the much pined for an MBA degree. Written in conversational structure, the book is isolated into three areas – Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan. The creator addresses individuals from various pieces of the nation who have cut a specialty for themselves in various territories of business.

Reviews of Connect The Dots

1. Rating 4.5/5

I got the opportunity to peruse this book during a 400 km trip. The excursion was not great, however, yet the book I had filled me with monstrous euphoria and positive thinking. Also, This book is so loaded with an eagerness that it can detonate your inner voice with energy.
I completed this book in a day. You can envision how overpowered I may have been. This book includes 20 accounts of 20 effective business people. Each story is very skilled to help your certainty. This is an absolute necessity perused a book for any individual who needs to accomplish something important or diverse in his life. Inconsequential things on which numerous business people burn through their time thoroughly considering like Money, Social Status and Education actually never matter. You needn’t bother with an MBA degree for beginning a business. Life is the best instructor and World is the best research center. All you need is a thought.
Truly. Thoughts have incredible forces. These 20 people groups who raised from residue were unquestionably for behind than numerous creative individuals you find in your life. Indeed, even some were a great deal more terrible than you. Be that as it may, they had energy. What’s more, they gave their lives to their enthusiasm and accomplished what is most important for human presence Satisfaction.

2. Rating 4/5

A fundamental business enterprise book around 20 people who go onto make their very own heritage notwithstanding obviously unconquerable chances.
The book is partitioned into 3 sections “Jugaad” “Junoon” and “Zubaan”. Every one of these areas discusses people who basically make their very own character by their sheer steadiness to learn through perceptions, make through energy and craftsmen who make their own foundation to communicate. Every one of them is sans any extravagant degree or sponsored by a solid money related base. Disregarding the chances stacked against them, these people proceeded to make their own personality and accordingly by implication utilizing numerous others.
The book is truly pointed by point about how these people went about on their adventure. How they considered difficulties to be openings. Also, above all what goes on inside their psyches on an expert and individual level. A portion of the records is exceptionally close to home and amazingly warm to peruse. In spite of the fact that now and again monotonous, the book is a decent perused and all the more so on the off chance that you are somebody who may very well choose to dive into the vulnerability of enterprise sometime in the not so distant future

3. Rating 5/5

This isn’t a book however is, in reality, an eye-opener for every one of the individuals who have lost every one of their expectations, tangled in troublesome conditions and experiencing colossal misfortunes.
Truly adored perusing the book. Such rousing stories from ordinary citizens is so incredible to hear! Also, It will definitely motivate other conventional individuals to ascend and battle to carry on with a prosperous and excellent life! 🙂

4. Rating 3.5/5

The book is an accumulation of 20 effective people describing their background as business visionaries. For the hopeful business people as well as the book renders incredibly helpful message to each individual. When all is said in done, to dig further to locate the significance of their lives and lead their lives by their own conviction and diligence towards life objectives. Composed utilizing the most summed up terms and dynamic portrayal the book is a simple coast through a portion of the details of business and sees the master plan passed on through every story.

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