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Download F.U Money EPUB for free and Make As Much Money As You Want And Live Your Life As You Damn Well Please!. Dan Lok is helping people to get out of the rat race and become rich in such tough times.

Reviews of F.U. Money: Make As Much Money As You Want And Live Your Life As You Damn Well Please!

1. Rating 4.7/5

Dan’s Asian voice is a formula for transforming words into money. Redistributing is a key to scale. Love his Daily salary objective and how he separates the estimation of time.
Pieces of Truth:
I’m a high paid slave exchanging hours for dollars
Wellbeing riches and an opportunity to appreciate it Spanish maxim
In the event that you needed to begin again would you purchase your own business from you?
I lean toward money in one place…my pocket
It’s one thing to amke cash and it’s another to profit and work without anyone else terms
Individuals come up short in view of broken core interest
What are you wanting to get from me today?
What might enormous activity resemble?
Begin a F.U. cash business
You can profit or reasons yet you can’t make both
Caught up with developing my business
Each business is an impression of its the proprietor
U don’t need to hit the nail on the head you simply need to make it go
Drastically increment your pay
In the event that it can’t avoid being it’s up to me
You feel defended in your ineptitude
I win on 3 levels
Try not to eat any capital

2. Rating 4.2/5

The creator Dan Lok is the genuine effective business visionary who had connected the 80/20 standard in his life. It is fascinating as the writer talks through his self-involvement in the book with a non-spellbinding however conversational way. The means to well off in Dan Lok path

  1. Have in any event one high-pay skill(invest ourselves through books, courses, workshops.
  2. Identify the market (do promote research on what individuals need to purchase
  3. Operate an adaptable business( begin with generally safe business and less cash as per the market.
  4. Use the web as the stage. Dan Lok’s highest guideline is LEVERAGE: Use other individuals time, Use other individuals vitality, Use other individuals learning.

The book, for the most part, contains the outlook of an effective individual and the outline of a decent plan of action.

3. Rating 4.1/5

Dan Lok is the advertiser and sales rep existing apart from everything else. In huge part because of a well-oiled advertising barrage on the social/influencer channels I pursue. I got his book free through one of those promotions, and having seen (and above all tried out) a portion of his business procedures as of now, I realized the book would be helpful. Like his HTC program, the underlying piece of this book is a great deal of work on unpicking cash legends and moving the peruser’s attitude.
I truly making the most of his style, just as hearing how he built up his “talks like Jackie Chan” style from a constraining conviction to a one of a kind voice. Dan Lok went to the US as an outsider who couldn’t communicate in the language, with a devastating trepidation of open talking and achievement. Hearing bytes of his adventure was fascinating, and rousing as well.
This book is most likely best for fledglings into the universe of online business, and the individuals who aren’t the place they wish to be in their vocations and need to discover a method for moving out. He covers some underlying standards and perspectives to pursue and be guided by that are valuable on the off chance that you haven’t (or have) heard them previously. In spots, he repeats the thoughts of other individuals in the self-improvement y/inspirational specialty, yet I didn’t discover them off-putting. The “how severely do you need it” Eric Thomas discourse re-blend I for one simply discovered fascinating more than anything – demonstrating his point, don’t rethink the wheel. Do what works. Maybe it would have been decent to see some credit given, however. (Sidenote: ET likewise duplicated that discourse from elsewhere, so it’s not his unique work at any rate).

4. Rating 4/5

I’m going to begin with the main blemish in this book. Dan advances his perspective – as everybody does – and it accepts that you need to consider yourself to be remarkable, and others inferred as substandard – for being a business and showcasing virtuoso. I realize another person like that. He brings his “predominance” in at unforeseen occasions. The main conceivable clarification is that he has some frailty around individuals with short of what him.
I don’t see how individuals like that can’t simply be cheerful that they’re rich and need to share that joy. Perhaps they’re utilized to individuals reflexively detesting them. I don’t. I learned in hand to hand fighting that there is no reason for taking a gander at the shade of any other person’s belt. The equivalent goes for riches.
Be that as it may, move beyond that – which is simple with how engaging Dan is – and you get 95% trash free system. His 7 Golden Keys toward the end would spare you many years of scanning for answers.
The book recording is free. It’s the best time I’ve had tuning in some time. What’s more, most training I’ve gotten in four hours. Presently it’s a great opportunity to get moving.

5. Rating 4.5/5

I cherish Dan Lok yet on the off chance that you have been following his media on youtube and Instagram, at that point this book will sound extremely natural to what he instructs once a day. It begins with the high-pay ability, at that point the influence of your work, at that point making business and afterward contributing. I get it. Also, there were a few astonishments on specific parts and things that stunned me, however, this is the book is for individuals that definitely realize what their quality is or are in total requirement for change. Dan is one of those individuals who had those key occasions in life that made him change for good and gave him ingenuity and deleted the dread of disappointment and analysis. I dislike him, yet a few people are and this book could be the impetus for individuals like Dan to at long last change. Is ideal for business visionaries.

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