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ISTAND AMIDST THE BLIND. Cloudy eyes set in sun-ravaged faces stare up at the sun, at the stone obelisks, at the meager cubes of protein cupped in their blistered hands, at their leader who brought them to this cursed place, and see nothing but darkness. Their retinas have been fried by the ordnance of our enemies.
They reach to touch my red cloak as if it will heal them. They are Reds, Grays, Browns, Coppers, and the few Obsidians who chose not to heed their queen’s call to return to Earth. The legionnaires survived the Fear Knight’s ambush in the Western Ladon, only to become 2,301 casualties that we must continue to feed, supply with medical aid, and protect. Why would Atlas au Raa kill when maiming pays dividends? My men look on the living casualties with despair. Others turn their heads away, as if looking at them might invite the same fate upon themselves.

Drop by drop he blackens the pigment of our souls.

I bend in front of a Gray with two cauterized stumps for legs. “You look like you got between a Telemanus and a pint of whiskey, legionnaire.”

“Fear so, sir. I’d be back in the fight, had we the gear.”

If he were a Gold or Obsidian, he’d be back in the fight by month’s end, but we can’t spend our near-extinguished supply of prosthetics on regular infantry. Bad investment. I once thought the greatest sin of war was violence. It isn’t. The greatest sin is it requires good men to become practical.

Details About Dark Age by Pierce Brown

  • Name: Dark Age
  • Author: Pierce Brown
  • Language: English
  • Genre: War & Military Action Fiction, Colonization Science Fiction, Space Fleet Science Fiction
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Page: 800
  • Price: Free

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