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    Inside this book

    From where he’s standing across the street, Justyce can see her: Melo Taylor, ex-girlfriend, slumped over beside her Benz on the damp concrete of the FarmFresh parking lot. She’s missing a shoe, and the contents of her purse are scattered around her like the guts of a pulled party popper. He knows she’s stone drunk, but this is too much, even for her.
    Jus shakes his head, remembering the judgment all over his best friend Manny’s face as he left Manny’s house not fifteen minutes ago.
    The WALK symbol appears. As he approaches, she opens her eyes, and he waves and pulls his earbuds out just in time to hear her say, “What the hell are you doing here?”
    Justyce asks himself the same question as he watches her try—and fail—to shift to her knees. She falls over sideways and hits her face against the car door.
    He drops down and reaches for her cheek—which is as red as the candy-apple paint job. “Damn, Melo, are you okay?” She pushes his hand away. “What do you care?” Stung, Justyce takes a deep breath. He cares a lot. Obviously. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t’ve walked a mile from Manny’s house at three in the morning (Manny’s of the opinion that Melo’s “the worst thing that ever happened” to Jus, so of course he refused to give his boy a ride). All to keep his drunken disaster of an ex from driving.
    He should walk away right now, Justyce should. But he doesn’t. “Jessa called me,” he tells her. “That skank—” “Don’t be like that, babe. She only called me because she cares about you.” Jessa had planned to take Melo home herself, but Mel threatened to call the cops and say she’d been kidnapped if Jessa didn’t drop her at her car. Melo can be a little dramatic when she’s drunk. “I’m totally unfollowing her,” she says (case in point). “In life and online. Nosy bitch.” Justyce shakes his head again. “I just came to make sure you get home okay.” That’s when it hits Justyce that while he might succeed in getting Melo home, he has no idea how he’ll get back. He closes his eyes as Manny’s words ring through his head: This Captain Save-A-Ho thing is gonna get you in trouble, dawg.

    Download Dear Martin EPUB


    • Title: Dear Martin
    • Author: Nic Stone
    • Publish Date: September 4, 2018
    • Formats: EPUB, ePub
    • Size: 2.3 MB
    • Pages: 240
    • Genre: Teen & Young Adult Violence Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Prejudice & Racism Fiction,
    • File Names: .epub, .EPUB
    • File Status: Available for Download
    • Price: Free

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