Demigod’s Destiny by J. S. Striker

Download Demigod’s Destiny by J. S. Striker (ePUB) for free from BooksPDF4Free, just click the download link given below and read your book on any device. The book is one of the best Paranormal / Sci-Fi novel that is filled with suspense, secrets, mystery, and unexpected twists. Even though the book is very complicated, it will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author knows how to engage its readers which will keep you reading all night. Overall It is a definite must-read.

Daniel’s on a quest to find his destiny in the form of a woman who appears in his dreams.
I agree to be his tour guide through the mortal realm. It should be quick, easy money to help some spoiled rich demigod find the literal girl of his dreams.
So what if he thinks I’m a boy the first time we meet? So what if the longer I spend with him, the less I think of him as spoiled, and the more I see him as sweet and charming and fun? So what if the thought of helping him find another woman eventually makes me sick instead of thrilled at the payday coming my way?
But so many things aren’t what they seem, and our quest is thrown for a major loop. Forced proximity quickly turns our mutual attraction into much, much more.
After everything that’s happened between us, will it really all end when we find his dream woman? Or does fate have other plans?

Download Demigod’s Destiny by J. S. Striker (ePUB)

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