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Download Design Thinking EPUB: Understanding How Designers Think and Work by Nigel Cross was published on 15th May 2011. Read the soft copy of this book anytime, anywhere and download it for free!


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    About the Author:

    Nigel Cross is an old academician of style Studies, Open University, UK. He has Brobdingnagian expertise as a style pedagogue and world infamy as a style scholar through books like style early ways in which of Knowing and Analyzing style Activity and situation of the most analysis diary Design Studies.


    In writing this book, my goal has been to help anyone interested in design to develop their understanding of how designers think and work. Anyone so interested might be a design student, a design researcher or teacher, a manager in a design-oriented company, or even a designer who still finds their processes mysterious or difficult. The focus of the book is on revealing what designers do during the activity of designing, and on building an understanding of the nature of design ability.
    However, Readers should gain from the book some insight into what it means to be a designer, how designers employ creative thinking skills, and what is known about different aspects of design ability and its development from novice students to expert professionals. My background includes architecture and industrial design, but primarily I am a design researcher with an interest in the common aspects of designing that recur across different professional domains of practice.
    My approach to trying to understand how designers think and work is research-based: I look for and report evidence that comes from observation, experiment, analysis, and reflection. At the core of the book are several case studies, each treated in-depth as a complete chapter.

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    Inside this book:

    These are interlaced with chapters that summarise and discuss what can be learned from the case studies in more general terms, and the research literature of studies of design cognition. The case studies provide a focused resource for the study of high-quality design thinking. The summary and overview chapters provide discussion and reflection that I hope leads the reader into a deeper understanding of the nature of design thinking. This not a ‘methods’ or ‘how-to’ book, but a book that reveals what has been learned from research into many different aspects of design thinking. It is a book that provides commentary and advice, rather than instruction.
    But because I take a research-based approach to understanding design thinking, some domains get less coverage in the book simply because less research has been conducted in them. Nevertheless, I believe that many aspects of design thinking are common across the different domains, and so I trust that my observations and comments will be valid across them all.

    Download Design Thinking EPUB by Nigel Cross


    • Book Name: Design Thinking: Understanding How Designers Think and Work
    • Author: Nigel Cross
    • Language: English
    • Status: Available
    • Number of Pages: 140 Pages
    • Download Format: EPUB

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