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Download Designing for the Internet of Things EPUB by Hakim Cassimally, Adrian McEwen published in 2013. You can download the book from the link provided below.

About the author

Adrian McEwen is a creative technologist and entrepreneur based in Liverpool. He has been connecting devices to the Internet since 1995—first cash registers, then mobile phones, and now bubble machines and lamps. He founded MCQN Ltd., an Internet of Things product agency and (along with Hakim and others) is co-founder of DoES Liverpool, a hybrid co-working/ maker space that incubates Internet of Things startups in NW England. He is also CTO of Good Night Lamp, a family of Internet-connected lamps.
He was one of the first employees at STNC Ltd, which built the first web browser for mobile phones and was acquired by Microsoft in 1999. Adrian concentrates on how the Internet of Things intersects with people’s lives and how heterogeneous networks of devices should work together, and lectures and speaks on these issues internationally. You can find him on the Internet at or follow him on Twitter as @amcewen.


A COMPUTER PROCESSOR such as Intel’s i486 used to cost around the same as a small car. Nowadays a chip with similar power is the price of a chocolate bar.
When processing power is so cheap, you can afford to put processors in places that you couldn’t before—not just a business workstation or a home PC but also a telephone, an electricity meter, a bedside lamp, or a teddy bear. We can make objects intelligent. We can make them think and speak. Pundits have dubbed this “physical computing”, “ubiquitous computing” or “ubicomp”, or “the Internet of Things”. Whatever you choose to call it, we are really talking about making magical things, enchanted objects.
In this book, we look at the kinds of computer chips that can be embedded in objects (“microcontrollers” such as the Arduino) and take you through each step of the process from prototyping a Thing to manufacturing and selling it. We explore the platforms you can use to develop the hardware and software, discuss the design concepts that will make your products eye-catching and appealing, and show you ways to scale up from a single prototype to mass production.

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