Due Date by Stephanie Brother

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due date, stephanie brother

Due Date by Stephanie Brother (ePUB)


An unplanned pregnancy, two possible fathers, four men who want me.
A million reasons to run away.

I’m pregnant after a naughty night with foul-mouthed, dirty-minded twins ends my innocence.
The hunky Bakers twins may seem like angels, but behind closed doors they’re filthy.
And I can’t stop thinking about them.
It doesn’t help that we are thrown together again and again.
Plus, one of them has fathered the baby growing inside me.

They aren’t the only guys who want me.
I’m torn between dating the cute teenage math geek or his kind and caring older brother.
But I won’t be able to string the guys along forever,
They will soon notice the due date draws closer.

Due Date features four men in love with the same woman, a couple of generous charity workers, a secret millionaire, a large closet, and a potato salad. Despite Grace pushing the men away a great big happy ending is guaranteed.

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