Farewell to the Master PDF by Harry Bates

Farewell to the Master PDF by Harry Bates

Download Farewell to the Master PDF by Harry Bates published in October 1940. You can download this book in PDF format and read this book on any device.

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From his perch high on the ladder above the museum floor, Cliff Sutherland studied carefully each line and shadow of the great robot, then turned and looked thoughtfully down at the rush of visitors come from all over the Solar System to see Gnut and the traveler for themselves and to hear once again their amazing, tragic story.
He himself had come to feel an almost proprietary interest in the exhibit, and with some reason. He had been the only freelance picture reporter on the Capitol grounds when the visitors from the Unknown had arrived, and had obtained the first professional shots of the ship. He had witnessed at close hand every event of the next mad few days. He had thereafter photographed many times the eight-foot robot, the ship, and the beautiful slain ambassador, Klaatu, and his imposing tomb out in the center of the Tidal Basin, and, such was the continuing news value of the event to the billions of persons throughout habitable space, he was there now once more to get still other shots and, if possible, a new “angle.”

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  • Title: Farewell to the Master
  • Author: Harry Bates
  • Published in: October 1940
  • Number of Pages: 
  • Format: PDF
  • Genres: Science Fiction
  • Available: Yes
  • Size: 

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