First Day Jitters PDF

First Day Jitters PDF by Julie Danneberg

Download First Day Jitters PDF by Julie Danneberg published on 1 February 2000.

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First Filled with reservations about her first day at a new school, Sarah tunnels down to the end of her bed and refuses to come out. That is until Mr. Hartwell gives her five minutes to be dressed and downstairs. Feeling sick, weak, and breathless, Sarah summons up the courage to get into the car and head to school. On arrival, her enthusiastic principal whisks the nervous Sarah down the hall, into her classroom, and to the front of the room. Then, with all eyes focused on the two people upfront, the principal introduces the class to its new teacher— Mrs. Sarah Jane Hartwell! ay Jitters PDF by Julie Danneberg.
Ask children if they wanted to stay home on the first day of school. Divide the class into two groups according to their responses: “Yes” or “No.” Then, beginning with the Yes group and ending with the No group, invite children to explain why they preferred either staying home or going to school. Continue by inviting volunteers to share reasons they are happy to be in school today. Then wrap up your discussion by giving children smiley stickers and telling them that you’re glad that they came to spend the day in your class.
He Said, She Said (Language Arts) Point out to students that the first part of the story is told in a dialogue (or conversation) between Sarah and Mr. Hartwell. Then reread the story, encouraging children to think about which character is speaking. As you read, have the girls in your class raise their hands each time Sarah speaks in the story. Have the boys raise their hands when they hear Mr. Hartwell’s part read. Afterward, explain that, in print

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