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GURPS Magic PDF by S. John Ross, Steve Jackson

Download GURPS Magic PDF by S. John RossSteve Jackson, and Daniel Thibault published in December 2004.


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Inside this book

Finally, the secrets of the sorcerers are collected in a single volume. Magic – The Great Art – brings great power to its practitioners, and offers the opportunity to do great good or great evil. This book is the complete guide to magic for GURPS Fourth Edition. GURPS Magic presents an expansive, colorful magic system. Players can create any sort of wizard they can imagine. GMs can adapt the system to fit their own campaign or set adventures in the world of their favorite fantasy author. The rules can be modified to fit almost any world or wizard.
This book is completely compatible with the magic rules in the GURPS Basic Set, with hundreds of new spells and several alternate magic systems, including improvisational magic, symbol magic, clerical magic, ritual magic, and alchemy. Open, and learn strange new wonders . . . This PDF is an electronic copy of the first (and only to date) printed edition of GURPS Magic for the Fourth Edition of GURPS. All known errata as of the date of publication have been fixed.

Download GURPS Magic PDF

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