Heal your Body PDF by Louise Hay

Heal your Body PDF

Download Heal your Body PDF by Louise Hay published in May 1976. You can download this e-book in PDF format from the link provided below.

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Inside this e-book

In this newly revised edition, I want to share with you one of the reasons why I know that disease can be reversed by simply reversing mental patterns. A number of years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer of the vagina. With my background of being raped when I was five years old and being a battered child, it was no wonder that I’d manifested cancer in the vaginal area. Having already been a teacher of healing for several years, I was very aware that I was now being given a chance to practice on myself and prove what I’d been teaching others.

Like anyone who has just been told that they have cancer, I went into a total panic, yet I knew that mental healing worked. Being aware that cancer comes from a pattern of deep resentment that is held for a long time until it literally eats away at the body, I knew that I had a lot of mental work to do. I realized that if I had the operation to get rid of the cancer but did not clear the mental pattern that created it, then the doctors would just keep cutting Louise until there was no more Louise to cut. If I had the operation and cleared the mental pattern that was causing the cancer, then the cancer wouldn’t return.

Details of Heal Your Body

  • Name: Heal Your Body
  • Author: Louise L. Hay
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Healing, Self Development, Better Life
  • Format: PDF/
  • Size: 8 MB
  • Page: 96
  • Price: Free

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