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Download Hedge Funds for Dummies PDF by Ann C. Logue published on 30 October 2006. You can download this book in PDF format from the link provided below.

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International Asset Management (‘IAM’) is the proud sponsor of the IAM Hedge Fund Research Programme of the Financial Markets Group. Within this program, the LSE team undertakes independent research into aspects of the hedge fund industry. It is hoped that the results of this research will give a greater understanding of this growing area of financial innovation. This research paper gives a broad introduction to the hedge fund industry, the historical background to the evolution of hedge funds, the fund of funds industry and provides an explanation of some of the terminology used within this area.
As an overview of the industry, the document does not attempt to address the use of hedge funds within the broader context of portfolio management such as organizational risk or other areas of concern for the investor. This is a nontechnical paper and as such is intended for students or practitioners seeking a general introduction and reference tool. It is not a survey of the research literature and citations are kept to a minimum
The Financial Markets Group (‘FMG’) research centre was established in 1987 at the LSE. FMG is now one of the leading centres in Europe for academic research into financial markets. The FMG has developed strong links with the financial community, in particular, investment banks, commercial banks and regulatory bodies and attracts support from a large number of City institutions, both private and public. The FMG is led by Professor David Webb and Professor Charles Goodhart and brings together a core team of senior academics and young researchers to undertake cutting edge theoretical and empirical research in the areas of financial markets, financial decision-making and financial regulation. Through its Visitors’ Programme, the FMG attracts each year some of the world’s renowned finance academics and outstanding researchers who participate fully in the FMG’s research activities.

Download Hedge Funds for Dummies PDF

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