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Heir to the Empire EPUB by Timothy Zahn

Download Heir to the Empire EPUB  by Timothy Zahn published in 1991.

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    Inside this book

    “Captain Pellaeon?” a voice called down the portside crew pit through the hum of background conversation. “Message from the sentry line: the scoutships have just come out of lightspeed.” Pellaeon, leaning over the shoulder of the man at the Chimaera’s bridge engineering monitor, ignored the shout. “Trace this line for me,” he ordered, tapping a light pen at the schematic on the display. The engineer threw a questioning glance up at him. “Sir…?” “I heard him,” Pellaeon said. “You have an order, Lieutenant.” “Yes, sir,” the other said carefully and keyed for the trace.
    “Captain Pellaeon?” the voice repeated, closer this time. Keeping his eyes on the engineering display, Pellaeon waited until he could hear the sound of the approaching footsteps. Then, with all the regal weight that fifty years spent in the Imperial Fleet gave to a man, he straightened up and turned. The young duty officer’s brisk walk faltered; came to an abrupt halt. “Uh, sir—” He looked into Pellaeon’s eyes and his voice faded away.
    Pellaeon let the silence hang in the air for a handful of heartbeats, long enough for those nearest to notice. “This is not a cattle market in Shaum Hii, Lieutenant Tschel,” he said at last, keeping his voice calm but icy cold. “This is the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Routine information is not—repeat, not—simply shouted in the general direction of its intended recipient. Is that clear?”

    Download Heir to the Empire EPUB


    • Title: Heir to the Empire
    • Author: Timothy Zahn
    • Published in: 1991
    • Genres: Comics, Novel, Science Fiction, Graphic novel
    • Language:
    • Number of Pages: 230
    • Format: EPUB
    • Size: 2MB

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