Highlander’s Dawn of Doom by Maddie MacKenna

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highlander's dawn, maddie mackenna

Highlander’s Dawn of Doom by Maddie MacKenna (ePUB)


Even though she hated him, he dreamed of making her his…

After losing both her parents to a deadly illness, Amanda Roberts swears to never let another patient die. However, her oath is challenged when a nearly dead man wounds up outside her door and she finds herself torn: stay true to her beliefs or let her worst enemy perish.
When his parents died, Jonathan MacKenzie, Laird of Sinclair, vowed to turn his life around for good, all too aware that some wrongs can never be righted. Until some twisted fate leaves him at the mercy of the healer who irrevocably pierced his heart.
But their ignited feelings can´t keep them warm for long, and Jonathan’s brush with death cannot remain a secret. Especially when whoever wants him gone makes another attempt to rectify their previous failure using a powerful weapon: Amanda. Faced with her unavoidable doom, Jonathan has to make the ultimate choice: abandon Amanda, or hand over his clan on a silver platter…

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