His Best Friend’s Ex by Alina Parker

Download His Best Friend’s Ex by Alina Parker (ePUB) for free from BooksPDF4Free, just click the download link given below and read your book on any device. The book is one of the best contemporary romance novel that is filled with suspense, secrets, mystery, and unexpected twists. Even though the book is very complicated, it will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author knows how to engage its readers which will keep you reading all night. Overall It is a definite must-read.

I just broke up from a 5 year old relationship but I feel NOTHING…
And I can’t stop fantasising about his best friend, Stephan
Am I the most horrible person on the earth or what?
I’ve always had the hots for Stephan…even when I was with his friend.
The thing is, we met first and the chemistry was there.
But he disappeared that night, without a word and I ended up with his best friend Dean.
Dean and I are done and I’m ready to focus on building the empire I inherited from my father.
My laser focus on being a kickass CEO takes a turn when Stefan comes back into my life.
We catch up, have some drinks, one thing leads to another…
Now, the mysterious, swoon-worthy, chivalrous Italian with a body chiseled by the gods is my new obsession.
He doesn’t want to hurt his best friend and neither do I. But as much as we try, we can’t stay away from each other. There’s only one thing to do, give in to our desires and keep it a secret.
As if things aren’t complicated enough my ex shows up, wanting to get back together.
I don’t want to come between their friendship but I can’t deny my feelings for Stefan.
I think being with him is the happy ending I never got with his best friend.

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