Honoring Our Cycles by Katie Singer

Honoring Our Cycles by Katie Singer

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Many people think they save money when they buy the cheapest food they can find. But food is medicine, and so cheap food may actually be very expensive. When we eat food that makes us tired or sick, we can have high medical bills. We might not be able to work or care for our children. The best way to keep a family healthy is by eating healthy food. Food gives us energy for the day. Children need healthy food to grow strong. Adults need healthy food to keep strong. Diet can also make a difference in a woman’s menstrual cycles. In some cultures, young men and women eat special foods for six months before they try to make a baby. When the parents are healthy, their children have a better chance of being healthy. Unfortunately, the food that is sold in supermarkets and restaurants is often not healthy. Ask your grandmother what her mother cooked. Before 1940, butter, lard and chicken fat were common.
Many people took a spoonful of cod liver oil every day. Corn, canola, and soybean oils were not sold. Crisco and margarine did not exist. People ate much less sugar and ready-made food. If you want to see whether food makes a difference in your menstrual cycles and your family’s health, try an experiment. For a few months, do not eat sugar, soy, or food that contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Do not drink coffee or soda. Find a farmers’ market or natural foods store that is near your home. Take a class that teaches how to cook healthy, fresh food. Some people notice a difference in their health right away when they change their diet. Other people take a long time to notice changes.

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