June by Liv Hendrix (ePUB)

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june, liv hendrix

June (Baking Spirits Bright #3) by Liv Hendrix (ePUB)


She’s the wildcard who’d do anything to salvage her New Year’s Eve. He’s the bad boy actor with a reputation he’s desperate to debunk. When they collide at the biggest party of the year, will they ring in the new year with sparks flying or will they fizzle out before things get started?

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be the day that I meet the love of my life. The guy I met on a dating app months ago. That is, until I find out I’m being catfished.
But just when I think that my holiday and any chance of getting a midnight kiss is ruined, I find out that Sweet Honey Bakery is catering the biggest event of the year in New York City. The Gillies Annual New Year’s Eve party.
This year’s masquerade theme gives me the perfect opportunity to sneak in as a guest after we finish setting up our desserts.
But when I do, I run into Eli Gillies himself. The film industry’s newest heartthrob with loosely slicked back hair, a herculean build, and a womanizing reputation.
I tell myself that his charm is just an act. But when I start to fall, I worry he’ll find out that I’m not who I say I am behind this masquerade mask.
If he does, could a bigshot actor still fall for a baker like me?

Tonight is the annual New Year’s Eve party at my mansion. The ballroom is filled with fellow actors, singers, and bigshots in the entertainment industry.
They’re people who my publicist, Henry, expects me to impress with my womanizing, bad boy reputation. But none of it’s real. I’m just a Kentucky boy in New York, striving to be the next John Wayne.
I couldn’t care less about impressing anyone here. That is, until I meet June.
Her gorgeous hazel eyes are electrifying and her bravery is unmatched. Not too many people would have the guts to sneak into an event like this.
But for some reason, she doesn’t want me to know it’s her behind that masquerade mask. But I want to show her who I really am behind this Hollywood mask.
Before the clock strikes midnight, will I be able to convince her that I’m not the guy the press makes me out to be? Or will she keep believing the lie that guys like me don’t go for girls like her?

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