Korean for Dummies PDF by Hong Jung-wook

Download Korean for Dummies PDF by Hong Jung-wook published in August 2008. You can download this book in PDF format from the link provided below.

About this book

If you don’t like memorizing tables upon tables of grammatical rules and declensions, or if you love it but don’t have much time, this book is for you. Each chapter is organized so that you can look up and say a little something in the many situations that you may encounter while shopping, traveling, eating, and so on. Learn a few words and sentences as you go along through this book, and surprise Koreans with a few well-placed phrases. Pick up this book when you need it, and flip through the sections that you find useful. Each section has a few phrases and cultural pointers that are meant to give Koreans a “Where did you learn that from?” sort of reaction. And if you’re interested, you can learn a few sentence structures that you can add to as you become more comfortable with the language. The chapters are structured so that you can take away the bits that you need when you need them, so get ready to learn by speaking a little bit at a time as opposed to memorizing a whole lot at once.

Download Korean for Dummies PDF

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