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It’s Norway, many centuries ago. A young man named Olav, when he was hardly more than a boy, fled from his homestead because of a manslaughter he committed in a drunken brawl, cleaving a man’s back with an ax before the man could run him through with a sword. God had not yet sent down upon sinful mankind the eleventh plague of Egypt, the lawyers— creatures that have their place but that, in great numbers, are far more destructive than grasshoppers and frogs. So Olav could not immediately plead self-defense. He
had to betake himself to the protection of a powerful earl and fight his battles, leaving his betrothed wife behind. And in those years he was gone from home, she, beautiful, sweet, inattentive, and sometimes weak of will, allowed a hearty young Icelander, partly by force, to take her in bed. The result is a small child, Eirik, whom Olav has adopted as his own, for his wife’s sake.

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