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    About the Author

    As editor-in-chief and director, Jocelyn K. Glei leads the 99U in its mission to provide the “missing curriculum” on making ideas happen. She oversees the website—which has won two Webby Awards for “Best Cultural Blog”—and leads the curation and execution of the popular 99 Conference, which has presented talks from visionary creatives including Jack Dorsey, Beth Comstock, John Maeda, Jonathan Adler, Stefan Sagmeister, Jad Abumrad, and many more.
    Prior to joining Behance and 99U, Jocelyn was the global managing editor at the online media company Flavorpill, leading the development of new editorial products. She has also consulted with dozens of brands and agencies, from Herman Miller to PSFK to Huge Inc, on content strategy and web launches. She loves creating content-driven products that people love.

    Inside this book

    These new perspectives caught me off-guard—I realized that much of my most valuable energy had been unknowingly consumed by bad habits. My day-to-day practices had devolved to a point where I was at the mercy of everything around me—everything but my goals and true preferences. It was clear that I was long overdue for a self-audit of how I manage my time in a rapidly changing work environment. So much has shifted in just the last few years: My calendar and documents are now all in the cloud.
    I have more devices, apps, alerts, and utilities than ever before. And with the new ability to work anywhere, the outcome of the work I do has unintentionally changed. Meanwhile, I’ve been out there in the thick of it, working hard but never taking stock. If you keep playing without any time-outs, your game starts to slip. Of course, every great leader must face his or her demons in order to overcome them. I’ve always known this, but I wasn’t aware of any immediate problems. But these days the demons are more insidious; they’re the everyday annoyances, the little things that suck away our potential to do big things.
    I’ve spent much of my career promoting strong business practices in the creative industry. Throughout my travels for Behance and in researching my book, Making Ideas Happen, I have spoken with countless creative people and teams about their projects and careers. With designers, writers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds, I have tried to advocate for the roll-up-your-sleeves productivity and management skills required to push ideas to fruition.

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