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About the Author:

Eric Temple Bell was conceived in 1883 in Aberdeen, Scotland. His initial instruction was acquired in England. Going to the United States in 1902, he entered Stanford University and took his A.B. degree in 1904. In 1908 he was showing individual at the University of Washington, where he took his A.M. degree in 1909. However, he came back to the University of Washington as a teacher in mathematics and turned into a full professor in 1921. During the summers of 1924-28, he educated at the University of Chicago, and in 1926 (first half) at Harvard University, when he was selected Professor of Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Chime passed on in December 1960, just before the production of his most recent book, The Last Problem.

Reviews of Men of Mathematics 

1. Rating 4.5/5

This is a superb, thorough review of crafted by numerous individuals of history’s most prominent personalities. Indeed, even a well-educated understudy regarding this material will discover new data and new names. An especially intriguing abstract gadget utilized all through is showing sets of contending counterparts competing for a typical target. Indeed, even as a devotee of this kind of life story, I discovered a lot of new and shrewd in its pages. No single book of which I am mindful presents this wide a variety of mathematicians.
This book is an old work from the ’30s and utilizations a writing style that benevolently has fallen into neglect. The sentences are often LONG and entangled, clouding effectively complex clarifications. The most exceedingly terrible part, in any case, is that “in those days” typesetting of mathematics was troublesome and costly. Accordingly, numerous introductions that could be explained with a couple of lines of emblematic math are rather exhibited as an account. I needed to peruse the book with a cushion and pencil close by to work out the outcomes in a commonplace structure.

2. Rating 5/5

The main issue I have with Bell is that the portrayal of mathematics may put off some naive youthful mathematician-to-be. Chime, in all likelihood incidentally, gives a feeling that on the off chance that one won’t be a first-rate, world-class mathematician, at that point they ought not to try taking up the craftsmanship.
Then again, Bell’s energy for mathematics is irresistible. Many have scrutinized his inclination to decorate and from a history specialist’s perspective, Bell accomplishes more damage than anything else. Be that as it may, as a bit of scientific culture, it stays significant – think Romance about the Three Kingdoms in Chinese writing, except not as fictionalized. Insofar as you think about a portion of the verifiable records while considering other factors, Men of Mathematics will be a delight to peruse, in any event, for the non-mathematician. However, I would state that the gravitas Bell credits to specific periods, thoughts and hypotheses of mathematics are just a guess, for their widespread noteworthiness is unutterable. So in that sense, Bell is being humble.
My last misgiving with it is that it doesn’t catch the communitarian soul that is significantly progressively articulated in present-day mathematics. However, In this sense Men of Mathematics is obsolete, and maybe a touch unreasonably sentimental for my taste. Regardless, it is a work of art, to motivate in any event one more age of mathematicians.

Inside this book:

Men of Mathematics gives a rich record of major scientific achievements, from the geometry of the Greeks through Newton’s analytics, and on to the laws of likelihood, emblematic rationale, and the fourth dimension. Ringer separates this magnificent history of thoughts into a progression of immersing histories of the extraordinary mathematicians who gained ground conceivable—and who likewise drove fascinating, entangled, and often shockingly engaging lives.
Never punctilious or thick, Bell composes with lucidity and straightforwardness to distill extraordinary numerical ideas into their most justifiable structures for the inquisitive ordinary peruser. However, anybody with an enthusiasm for math may gain from these rich exercises, a propelled degree or broad research is rarely essential.

Download Men of Mathematics EPUB by Eric Temple Bell

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