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Download Mistborn: Shadows of Self EPUB by Brandon Sanderson published on 6 October 2015. The book can be downloaded in EPUB format from link provided below.


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    Inside this book

    Winsting smiled to himself as he watched the setting sun. It was an ideal evening to auction himself off. “We have my saferoom ready?” Winsting asked, lightly gripping the balcony banister. “Just in case?” “Yes, my lord.” Flog wore his silly Roughs hat along with a duster, though he’d never been outside of the Elendel Basin. The man was an excellent bodyguard, despite his terrible fashion sense, but Winsting made certain to Pull on the man’s emotions anyway, subtly enhancing Flog’s sense of loyalty. One could never be too careful.
    “My lord?” Flog asked, glancing toward the chamber behind them. “They’re all here, my lord. Are you ready?” Not turning away from the setting sun, Winsting raised a finger to hush the bodyguard. The balcony, in the Fourth Octant of Elendel, overlooked the canal and the Hub of the city—so he had a nice view of the Field of Rebirth. Long shadows stretched from the statues of the Ascendant Warrior and the Last Emperor in the green park where, according to fanciful legend, their corpses had been discovered following the Great Catacendre and the Final Ascension.
    The air was muggy, slightly tempered by a cool breeze off Hammondar Bay a couple of miles to the west. Winsting tapped his fingers on the balcony railing, patiently sending out pulses of Allomantic power to shape the emotions of those in the room behind him. Or at least any foolish enough not to be wearing their aluminum-lined hats

    Details About Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

    • Title of the book: Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson
    • Author: Brandon Sanderson
    • Published on: (October 4, 2016)
    • Formats: EPUB
    • Size: 13 MB
    • Pages: 464 pages
    • Genre: Suspense, Action, Thrill,
    • File Names: Shadows-of-Self.EPUB
    • File Status: Available for Download
    • Price: Free

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