Never Have I Ever by Liv Hendrix (ePUB)

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never have i ever, liv hendrix

Never Have I Ever (Game of Hearts #3) by Liv Hendrix (ePUB)


He’s her best friend’s adventurous older brother. She’s the germaphobe he had a secret summer fling with way back when. When they both unexpectedly end up at the cabin where it all started, will love pick up where it left off?

My life has been a routine of work, eat, watch Friends, and sleep for the past eight years. What I call safe, other’s call boring. Including my recent ex-boyfriend David and my best friend Harper.
But it’s what’s kept me on the other side of these doctor’s office walls as a lab technician instead of a patient.
Despite wanting to keep it that way, Harper has other plans. A girls’ trip at her family’s cabin deep in the Tennessee woods.
I don’t want to go for multiple reasons. The bugs, the germs, the dust. But most of all, the hot and heavy secret memories with Noah, Harper’s older brother.
When I can’t get out of this trip, the only thing easing my mind is that it’s girls only. In other words, no Noah.
But I eat my words when he shows up for a weekend getaway of his own, making the memories of us even more tempting to revisit.
There’s a lot of things I’ve never done because of our dirty little secret. But in the span of a weekend, will I cross one of those ‘nevers’ off my list? Never have I ever told Noah the truth about how I feel.

I’m the lead tour guide at a local travel agency, which means I’m always off on another adventure showing new thrills to adrenaline junkies.
It explains why I haven’t seen Joanna, my sister’s best friend and the only girl I’ve ever had real feelings for, in eight years. Either that, or she’s avoiding me…or rather, us.
When my tour gets cancelled, I decide to go to my family’s cabin with a friend for some guy time. But when I get there, it’s more than just the memories that crash into me. It’s Joanna.
Her curves fit into me like memory foam and I imagine her pink lips would fit the same too if given the chance to try them again.
The only reason I don’t take that chance right here, right now is the same reason I didn’t tell her how I really felt in the summer of 2012. Harper would disown me as a brother and Joanna as a best friend if she knew we were sneaking around together.
But maybe that’s a risk I’m willing to take if it means not having to love Joanna in secret.
With the time I’m given, can I convince Joanna that the flame is still here and it’s worth kindling? Because never have I ever been more sure that it is.

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