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Northern Lights PDF by Philip Pullman

Download Northern Lights PDF by Philip Pullman published in July 1995.

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“Lord Asriel,” said the Master heavily, and came forward to shake his hand. From her hiding place, Lyra watched the master’s eyes, and indeed, they flicked toward the table for a second, where the Tokay had been.“Master,” said Lord Asriel. “I came too late to disturb your dinner, so I made myself at home here. Hello, Sub-Rector.Glad to see you looking so well. Excuse my rough appearance; I’ve only just landed. Yes, Master, the Tokay’s gone. I think you’re standing in it. The Porter knocked it off the table, but it was my fault.
Hello, Chaplain. I read your latest paper with great interest.”He moved away with the Chaplain, leaving Lyra with a clear view of the Master’s face. It was impassive, but thedæmon on his shoulder was shuffling her feathers and moving restlessly from foot to foot. Lord Asriel was already dominating the room, and although he was careful to be courteous to the Master in the Master’s own territory, it was clear where the power lay.
“There’s no one there,” he whispered. “But we must be quick.”Crouching behind the high table, Lyra darted along and through the door into the Retiring Room, where she stood up and looked around. The only light in here came from the fire-place, where a bright blaze of logs settled slightly as she looked, sending a fountain of sparks up into the chimney. She had lived most of her life in the College, but had never seen the Retiring Room before: only Scholars and their guests were allowed in here, and never females. Even the maid-servants didn’t clean in here. That was Butler’s job alone. Pantalaimon settled on her shoulder.“Happy now? Can we go?” he whispered.“Don’t be silly! I want to look around!”It was a large room, with an oval table of polished rosewood on which stood various decanters and glasses, and silver smoking stands with a rack of pipes.

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Philip Pullman is the author of the highly acclaimed trilogy of Victorian thrillers featuring heroine SallyLockhart: The Ruby in the Smoke, Shadow in the North, and The Tiger in the Well. A graduate of OxfordUniversity with a degree in English, he has taught at middle school and at Westminster College and has written novels, plays, and picture books for readers of all ages. He lives with his family in England.

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