Chloe Ellefson Books in Order [Detailed Listing]

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Chloe Ellefson Books in Order

I grew up in Maryland, in a house full of books! Both of my parents were avid readers, thank goodness. Before we traveled to a new area, my librarian-mom used to bring home historical novels set in that place. It was a great way to get excited about history.

I began writing stories when I was maybe 10 or 11. At 15 I wrote my first novel; I sold my first novel to a publisher 20 years later! Writing was my hobby, so during those two decades, I just kept practicing, reading, writing some more. What a thrill to finally hold my first book in my hand! Still, I write because I enjoy the process (at least most of the time).

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Chloe Ellefson Books in Order

Old World Murder (2010) Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Heirloom Murders (2011) Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Light Keeper’s Legacy (2012) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Heritage of Darkness (2013) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Tradition of Deceit (2014) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Death on the Prairie (2015) Amazon US | Amazon UK
A Memory of Muskets (2016) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Mining for Justice (2017) Amazon US | Amazon UK
The Lacemaker’s Secret (2018) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Fiddling with Fate (2019) Amazon US | Amazon UK
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