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Download Poor Charlie’s Almanack EPUB by Charlie Munger published in 2005.

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    Reviews of Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger

    Rating 4/5

    Charles Munger is Warren Buffett decade’s long colleague, and his speculation channel, tongue in cheek called by Mr. Buffett – the loathsome no man. The book is an accumulation of Mr. Munger’s talks and a few goodies about him. This isn’t a venture book as such; be that as it may, it is a book about intelligence and human imprudences, and it gives incredible bits of knowledge into the musings of probably the best financial specialist, Warren Buffett’s accomplice Charles Munger.
    I have discovered Chapter (or Lecture) Ten with respect to the brain research of human confusion amazingly helpful in breaking down both organization pioneers and the conduct of financial exchange members

    Munger on Buffet

    I think there’s some mythology in the idea that I’ve been this great enlightener of Warren. He hasn’t needed much enlightenment. I frankly think I get more credit than I deserve. It is true that Warren had a touch of brain block from working under Ben Graham and making a ton of money. It’s hard w switch from something that’s worked so well. But if Charlie Munger had never lived, the Buffett record would still be pretty much what it is. It’s hard to believe that he’s getting better with each passing year.
    It won’t go on forever, but Warren is actually improving. It’s remarkable: Most men in their seventies arc not improving, but Warren is. Berkshire is drowning in money- we have great businesses pounding out money. When ¬∑Warren is gone, the acquisition side of Berkshire will not do as well, but the rest will do well. And the acquisition side will do just fine. I think the top guy won’t be as smart as Warren. But it’s silly to complain, “What kind of world is this that gives me Warren Buffe tt for forty years and then some bastard comes along who’s worse?”

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