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First, I would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving Apostle John Eckhardt such boldness and love for His people. During the years that I have known Apostle Eckhardt, I have found him to be a man who loves God and God’s people. He has been found to be faithful to the Lord, his family, and the ministry. I have observed his increase in the revelation of God’s Word and knowledge of deliverance. Apostle Eckhardt has never compromised or been afraid to preach the truth, whereas other pastors would not address these issues because of losing members and/or money. His concern is getting God’s people free.
I have had many people throughout the years tell me that Apostle Eckhardt has helped them in many areas of their lives. Th ere are many testimonies throughout the United States and all over the world of people being delivered through his ministry. He has written several books and recorded several tapes and CDs that have assisted people in getting free from things that seemed hopeless. Personally, I can say that Apostle Eckhardt’s ministry has been a blessing to me.


Prayers That Rout Demons combines prayer and confession of the Word of God to bring breakthrough against any demonic opposition. Prayer and confession of the Word are two of the most powerful weapons believers have. You will see a great release of God’s power when these two are combined.
I began writing these prayers as I studied the Word of God. The Holy Spirit illuminated many scriptures to me that needed to be released through prayer. I began to see clearly the plan of God for believers and how the enemy wanted to stop that plan. The Lord taught me the importance of praying the Word to overcome spiritual resistance to the plan of God for my life.
These prayers have been forged over a period of many years. Th ey have been birthed out of warfare and deliverance. They have come from years of experience in ministering to individuals and nations. The Holy Spirit has helped me understand many scriptures and how to use them in prayer.
Most of the prayers in this book will have scriptural references. We base our prayers on the Word of God. The Word of God will inspire you to pray. The promises of God will motivate you to pray. God has given us many great and precious promises. It is through faith and promises we inherit the promises

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