Resolution (Delaney Duo #1) by Alie Nolan (ePUB)

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resolution, alie nolan

Resolution (Delaney Duo #1) by Alie Nolan (ePUB)


Resolution: Lose my virginity.

Sebastion’s shyness has been holding him back from losing his virginity, despite it being his New Year’s resolution several years in a row. He is starting to give up hope that he’ll ever lose it, when he finds himself spending a week alone in a mountain cabin with his best friend’s dad. Could Devon be the person he’s been waiting for?
Resolution: Allow myself to be happy again.
Devon has spent years struggling to move on after his husband’s death. He doesn’t expect the first person he’s interested in to be his son’s best friend, but when the adorable, awkward young man turns up unannounced at his cabin, sparks fly, and Devon has to decide whether finally moving on is worth potentially hurting his son.

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