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Download Rich Daddy Poor Daddy by Robert Kiyosaki in English and learn what rich dads teach their kids about money that poor and middle class doesn’t.


1. Rating 5/5

This book goes on my shelf of 4 books I scan over and over, books I scan devotionally. It entirely revolutionized my outlook not solely on creating cash, however conjointly on education. I want everybody would scan this. I want the closed-minded, people who graduated from no matter college they attended and haven’t allowed themselves a brand new thought since may break through the stone walls they need erected around their souls and let this in. This message will save our world! I’m not exaggerating.
(May 24, 2016) I simply finished re-re-re-reading wealthy papa, Poor Dad. From the primary chapter, it absolutely was like looking a fireworks show. The insights! avowedly, I like seeing things during a new method, and that I love having distinct attack things. What Kiyosaki must say on education ought to be broadcast, read, and studied, and every one education systems within the world ought to take him into consideration. If loads additional folks would scan and want to heart his monetary recommendation, I believe the world’s economy would be far better. currently, I actually have to travel out and live this. and I am beginning the book over tomorrow.

2. Rating 2/5

Sorry, however, this book may be a bunch of mumbo-jumbo Bachelor of Science.
The ideas during this book, to me, ar logic and there aren’t any concrete applications to his ideas. Yes, the poor get poorer whereas the wealthy get richer, there is a ground-breaking idea! affirmative, the general public does not know a way to manage their cash, we know, therefore however concerning telling the United States how?
The majority of the book is Kiyosaki wanking it, telling United States stories concerning his life (which I do not even assume ar true).
If you wish to find out concerning personal finance and investment methods, this is often not the book for you.

3. Rating 5/5

The life ever-changing book that has been a private finance trade edition for over a decade written by author Henry M. Robert T. Kiyosaki. this tiny book has modified the lives of the many folks and their perspective on cash, WHO are in misery, not knowing a way to build ends meet thanks to lack of economic education. The contents of this book, tells the story of a young man, WHO is that the author himself, being named by his natural father the traditional method of obtaining employment, saving each penny, operating arduous and rising the company ladder. At the identical time, he conjointly had a “second father” WHO schooled him a distinct thanks to reading things and the way to start out from scratch associated build his business into an empire.
I am positive several people will relate to the story on the half wherever we tend to were being named the traditional thanks to becoming employees. the maximum amount as we do not want it to be that method, ironically, the education system plays an awfully huge half in educating our fathers and their fathers to be trained into employees rather than educating them and encourage them to become business homeowners. the cognitive content of alternative offered decisions, we tend to ar at bay during an eternal cycle of operating for cash, saving up and disbursal on wasting assets that perpetually drain our finances and loses worth over time. Welcome to the rat race! Unless we tend to learn and educate ourselves on personal finance, we are going to be unwittingly cursed just one method of thinking, and spending that data on to future generation. mention the vicious cycle!

4. Rating 4/5

The main purpose of this book is to coach yourself on personal finance, that is to find out a way to become financially freelance by creating cash {work arduous|exerting|push|work effortlessly|work flat out|putting your all into} for you and not you operating hard to earn every single penny. It teaches you that you simply don’t need to be a slave to cash and to show the case to your advantage. there’s no want for you to figure for one more person if you are doing not need to, so as to meet what you wish in life. you’re au fait of your state of affairs and you now not have to be compelled to obey from anyone. you choose what quantity work you wish. you’re your own boss!
This book has actually created an enormous impact on my life, why not scan it and see if it’ll amendment yours as well? build that distinction currently.

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  • Author: Robert Kiyosaki
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 220
  • Size: 3.15MB

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