Salvation by Monique Orgeron

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salvation, monique orgeron

Salvation (Youngblood #6) by Monique Orgeron – Download Free Ebook


When you love someone, what would you do to save them?

Download Salvation by Monique Orgeron

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The circle, where legends are made and ended.
Where my fate will be decided.
Living is my punishment, knowing I would one day burn in Hell.
But my path is split in two.
Now, I’d rather burn for Chloe.
She scares me, because for the first time in my life, she gives me hope, and makes me want to forget.
I remain a drowning man held under by the guilt of my past.
Chloe’s determined to save me.
How do I make her see she can’t?

I dreamed of a prince.
Never expecting to love the dark Knight with eyes of a lost soul.
A threat of betrayal and deceit brought us together, but it is burning desire and a sense of security that keeps me hanging on.
After helping me to come to grips with my own guilt, our hate turns into a love Gunner insists on denying.
He warns, making promises to destroy me. Ruin me.
And yet, I give him full permission to make good on his promises.
Because I have a promise of my own.
He is my choice.
And I will risk it all to save him.
He will find his salvation.

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