Shattered Souls by B C Morgan

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Maybe if I say it enough I’ll believe that I’m ready for year three. It’s nearly upon us, and I’m not even sure that will be the most worrying thing I have to face.

I may be free from one of the Harkwrights, but another is taking his place. A wildcard and mystery. Whether he’s better or worse than the one he’s replacing remains to be seen.
If I keep on baking I might succeed in fooling myself into believing I am safe. That everything that has happened in the past two years was just a nightmare. But really that’s just wishful thinking, because there are some things even fresh bread and homemade cakes cannot fix.
I have a lot of things to consider and I don’t know where to begin. From facing the way I feel, to questioning every belief I hold. I don’t know who I will be when I come out of this, or where my path will finally lead.
One thing I know for sure, I’m not the same girl I was when I first entered the Academy I’m stronger, and hopefully wiser. I’ve come this far and I will see it through.

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