Sleeping with the Beast by B.B. Hamel

Download Sleeping with the Beast by B.B. Hamel (ePUB) for free from BooksPDF4Free, just click the download link given below and read your book on any device. The book is one of the best contemporary romance novel that is filled with suspense, secrets, mystery, and unexpected twists. Even though the book is very complicated, it will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author knows how to engage its readers which will keep you reading all night. Overall It is a definite must-read.

I know what those hands have done— and it’s not pretty.
Except maybe I like it a little ugly. A little twisted. A little broken.
Ren’s the kind of man I’ve spent my life running away from: big, gorgeous, arrogant. He thinks the world revolves around his biceps.
When I’m nearly killed in a drive-by shooting gone wrong, my father packs me up and ships me off to Philly, “for my protection,” whatever that means.
Enter Ren, my new bodyguard. He wants to be the last man I ever need. I think he’s so full of it, he’s about to burst.
But when a new war breaks out, I’m right back in danger
And Ren says he’ll do anything for me.
I say, I want him to prove it.

Welcome back, Leone Crime Family!!! Another story in the steamy mafia saga, and this one is as sizzling as all the rest.

Download Sleeping with the Beast by B.B. Hamel (ePUB)

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