So Good They Can't Ignore You PDF

So Good They Can&#;t Ignore You PDF by Cal Newport

Download So Good They Can’t Ignore You PDF by Cal Newport published on 18 September 2012. You can download this book in PDF format from the link provided below.


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    Inside this book

    “‘Follow your passion’ is dangerous advice.” Thomas had this realization in one of the last places you might expect. He was walking a trail through the oak forest that outlines the southern bowl of Tremper Mountain. The trail was one of many that cross through the 230- acre property of the Zen Mountain Monastery, which has called this corner of the Catskill Mountains its home since the early 1980s. Thomas was halfway through a two-year stay at the monastery, where he was a practicing lay monk. His arrival, one year earlier, had been the fulfillment of a dream-job fantasy that he had nurtured for years. He had followed his passion for all things Zen into this secluded Catskills retreat and had expected happiness in return.
    As he stood in the oak forest that afternoon, however, he began to cry, his fantasy crumbling around him. “I was always asking, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ ” Thomas told me when I first met him, at a coffee shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. By then, several years had passed since Thomas’s realization in the Catskills, but the path that led him to that point remained clear and he was eager to talk about it, as if the recounting would help exorcise the demons of his complicated past.
    After earning a pair of bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and theology, then a master’s degree in comparative religion, Thomas decided that Zen Buddhist practice was the key to a meaningful life. “There was such a big crossover between the philosophy I was studying and Buddhism that I thought, ‘Let me just go practice Buddhism directly to answer these big questions,’ ” he told me. After graduation, however, Thomas needed money, so he took on a variety of jobs. He spent a year, for example, teaching English in Gumi, an industrial town in central South Korea. To many, life in East Asia might sound romantic, but this exoticism soon wore off for Thomas.

    Detail About So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport ePub

    • Name: So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love
    • Author: Cal Newport
    • Language: English
    • Genre: Job Hunting, Job Hunting & Career Guides, Business Motivation & Self-Improvement,
    • Format: PDF/ePub
    • Size: 1 MB
    • Page: 304
    • Price: Free

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