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    Inside this e-book

    Today, I have an actual audition, which helped me to arise promptly at—well, only a few minutes past—my ideal rising time of eight. But that victory is behind me, and now I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and glare at my reflection in an attempt to look menacing. I’m a matador facing the angriest bull, but I won’t be defeated. Armed with the diffuser attachment by my side, I dip my fingertips deep into the jar of piney-smelling, jiggly Dep gel and pull out a giant dollop of green goo. Today, I’ll get you with quantity—you didn’t see that coming! Take that, hair!
    I finally tear myself away from drying and scrunching to face my very small, very packed closet. Over time I’ve realized that commercial characters tend to fall into one of three types, so I’ve gotten it down to three audition uniforms: Upscale Casual (person who works in an office—black blazer with padded shoulders, collared shirt), Mom Casual (person who works at home—denim shirt or plain sweater, khakis), and Slutty (person who dresses slutty). I’m so used to choosing an outfit to play someone else that on my days off, I struggle to get dressed as myself. I keep trying different looks, but I’m not sure what “me” wears yet. A few weeks ago I thought I’d found it: I’m bohemian, that’s it. I wear hippie skirts and hand-embroidered cloth shirts. I’m colorful but laid back. I combined the best of my flow-y pieces and proudly modeled them for Jane.

    Details About Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

    • Book Title: Someday, Someday, Maybe
    • Author: Lauren Graham
    • Published on: April 30, 2013
    • Formats: EPUB, ePub
    • Size: 3  MB
    • Genre: Suspense, Action, Thrill,
    • File Names: Someday-Someday-Maybe.EPUB
    • File Status: Available for Download
    • Price: Free

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