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Download Stealing Fire PDF by Susan Sloate. In glittery 1980’s Los Angeles, once-popular Broadway lyricist Beau Kellogg is disappointed, despondently wedded and longing for one final melodic hit, while he composes promoting jingles for snappy cash. In the interim, a hopeful youthful artist, Amanda Harary, works a requesting day work at a beguiling New York lodging..
Taking FIRE is a story for sentimental people all over, who put stock in the transformative intensity of adoration.

Reviews of Stealing Fire

1. Rating 5/5

Stealing Fire grandstands the composition ability of Susan Sloate to flawlessness. For Amanda, it was a pulverize that begun as saint adore when she was a kid, as Beau was the maker of her main tunes. For Beau, Amanda’s childhood supported his harmed inner self.
Ms. Sloate was marvelous in her recounting this story, and in making awesome supporting characters that include knowledge into the “who and why” of Amanda and Beau.
For Beau and Amanda, just as this peruser, the finish of Stealing Fire was self-contradicting however seems to be accurate as a romantic tale with heart.

2. Rating 5/5

Stealing Fire by creator Susan Sloate is an impactful May-December romantic tale of perfect partners meeting that rises above time. This passionate story pursues the adventure of Amanda Harary, a youthful on-screen character/vocalist who works in a NY lodging and dreams of featuring on Broadway, whose way crosses with sixty-year-old Beau Kellogg, a previous Broadway arranger/lyricist turned essayist of publicizing jingles. A late-night telephone discussion between them over the inn’s switchboard prompts the start of an improbable relationship that will leave the peruser having confidence in perfect partners, enchantment, and all-consuming, instant adoration.
Set during the 1980s with a broadway topic that transports the peruser among NY and LA, writer Susan Sloate charms the peruser’s consideration with this wonderful romantic tale that pulls at the heartstrings. This is a self-contradicting story of a young lady who tries to star on Broadway, and a maturing previous Broadway author who longs for one more Broadway hit to restore his baffling life. Their voyage brings a blend of bliss, love, achievement, and grievousness … yet, their association endures forever.
Stealing Fire is a romantic tale that will speak to all sentimental people on the most fundamental level. It takes the peruser on a passionate exciting ride as these two impossible sweethearts manage life’s hardships. You can’t resist the urge to feel for both Amanda and Beau, the passionate draw between them is stunning, while an amazing misery decision is frequenting. Writer Susan Sloate weaves a magnificent story of genuine affection that will make them feel the full array of feelings, it will make your heartbeat race, and leave a sense of foreboding deep in your soul with its mixed at this point fulfilling end.

3. Rating 4/5

I don’t peruse romance books excessively, however, this book sounded intriguing. Most importantly, it’s set during the ’80s, which I believe is simply excessively amazing (and not because I was conceived during the 80s!). It was reviving to have something set in another period.
(was given a duplicate of this book in return for my legitimate survey)
Lover and Amanda love past times worth remembering, thinking back to the ’50s when everything was incredible, or well, at any rate unique. This topic and style are available throughout the entire novel. I felt like a person from one of the films in those days could portray this entire book, and end it with a, “here’s seeing you kid.” The epic is so elegantly composed that this subject and style are constantly present and evident.
This story helped me to remember Jane Eyre from numerous points of view. Although I don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that it was purposeful, the plot lines are fairly comparative. I’ve perused current adjustments of Jane Eyre however although this book isn’t one of them, I feel it could nearly be, so if your a fanatic of it you would adore this book too.
However, the exchange in this book is extraordinary! I can’t stand discourse that doesn’t sound genuine and in this book, it wasn’t an issue. Amanda is clever and the discussions among her and Beau are interesting, clever and engaging, and appear to be genuine. By and by, very elegantly composed.
Story structure, the discourse, and movement of the story were all choices. If my own composing could peruse just like this I realize I’d be progressing nicely!

4. Rating 5/5

This is the sort of book that I was not expecting but rather I end up like in it, This book is about May-December sentiment, loaded up with enthusiasm, lament, anticipation, pressure, strife, and a startling enjoyment. I appreciate this book so much I couldn’t put the book down.
I cherish the characters and adore it how this story ended up being.
However, taking Fire is a romantic tale that will go to well with all sentimental people on the most fundamental level. I need to state this book had me on an enthusiastic crazy ride, perusing everything that the characters were experiencing right now.
Amanda Harary is a youthful optimistic vocalist who has dreams of showing up on Broadway, while she has multi day time work in an inn in New York City. she is astute, benevolent, and humble yet she has a little issue she has stage alarm.
I appreciate this book and I trust that when you read it that you get the chance to appreciate it and go gaga for it as much as I did. Much thanks to YOU AUTHOR SUSAN SLO
TE for acquainting me with these astonishing characters and this incredible book.

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