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About Tony Morrison

Tony Morrison was an American novelist, essayist, book editor, and college professor based in New York.


Toni Morrison’s books – subtle, wonderful, with plots that are cautiously, guilefully built – take work. You can’t peruse them coolly. However, they likewise offer up rich prizes to those with tolerance.
Sula, her subsequent novel (distributed in 1973), recounts to the account of two young ladies who experience childhood during the 1920s in a Black slope network called the Bottom in the community of Medallion, Ohio.
Nel Wright, as her name suggests, does everything right, including get hitched to a pleasant Black man and bring up youngsters; Sula Peace, who grew up with a non-customary family supervised by an unusual, one-legged grandma, is a radical with a marginally devilish streak. Later she takes on a frame of mind towards men that makes the town evade her.
As kids, the two young ladies participate in something that is covered in mystery and disgrace. Just in the novel’s last pages will reality rises about that occurrence.

Inside this book

In the fifties, when I was a student, the embarrassment of being called a politically minded writer was so acute, the fear of critical derision for channeling one’s creativity toward the state of social affairs so profound, it made me wonder: Why the panic? The flight from any accusation of revealing an awareness of the political world in one’s fiction turned my attention to the source of the panic and the means by which writers sought to ease it. What could be so bad about being socially astute, politically aware in literature? Conventional wisdom agrees that political fiction is not art; that such work is less likely to have aesthetic value because politics–all politics–is agenda and therefore its presence taints aesthetic production.

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