Tales of Folk & Fey by Melissa Marr Ebook

Tales of Folks & Fey: A Depraved Beautiful Assortment by Melissa Marr
English | 2019 | YA Fantasy | ePUB | 1.2 MB

Return to the world of Depraved Beautiful with an all new Darkish Courtroom quick story. Set after the top of the sequence, “Love Hurts” catches up with Irial, Niall, and Leslie—and get clues concerning the upcoming Depraved Beautiful prequel novel, Chilly Iron Coronary heart.
Tales of Folks & Fey is a group of Marr’s tales of Celtic faeries and fey creatures. It contains “Previous Habits” and “Stopping Time” (beforehand printed Depraved Beautiful Darkish Courtroom tales) and two beforehand printed selchie quick tales (“Woke up” and “Love Struck).

As a bonus, the gathering additionally contains “Carnival of Lies,” a prequel story to the 2012 novel Carnival of Secrets and techniques and an excerpt of first e-book within the new faery duology, Seven Black Diamonds (2016).

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Previous Habits
Stopping Time
Love Struck
Carnival of Lies
Love Hurts
Excerpt of The Faery Queen’s Daughter
Prologue: by which paths cross
Excerpt of Chilly Iron Coronary heart

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