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Download Technical Analysis for Dummies PDF by Barbara Rockefeller published on 5 March 2004. The book can be downloaded in PDF format from the link provided below.

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Welcome to technical analysis, which may be a new way of looking at stocks and other securities for you. Simply put, technical analysis is a set of forecasting methods that can help you make better trading decisions. In this chapter, I take you on a quick tour of key technical concepts and review why technical analysis works (and why sometimes it doesn’t).
You may think that technical analysis is all about reading charts full of squiggles and lines, and although I give you plenty of material about squiggles and lines in this book, technical analysis is also about managing market risk. Does that sound a bit too grand? Well, building a house isn’t chiefly about hammers and nails, although you need them. Squiggles and lines are just tools. Think of tackling technical analysis as a project to build better trading practices. Yes, you need the squiggles and lines, but your goal is to use those tools to make money
Technical analysis is the study of how securities prices behave and how to exploit that information to make money while avoiding losses. The technical style of trading is opportunistic. Your immediate goal is to forecast the price of the security over some future time horizon in order to buy and sell the security to make a cash profit. The emphasis in technical analysis is to make profits from trading, not to consider owning a security as some kind of savings vehicle. Therefore, technical analysis dictates a more active trading style than you may be used to.

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