The Alien King’s Prey by Loki Renard (ePUB)

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alien king's prey, loki renard

The Alien King’s Prey (Royal Aliens #1) by Loki Renard (ePUB)


“I am Archon, king of Archaeus – and you are my prey. I own you. Every part of you.”
King Archon is a dominant, ruthless hunter interested only in war and conquest – much to the sorrow of his advisors who insist he should select a mate and produce an heir.
To escape the expectations of court, Archon travels to break a human rebellion. When one of the human females defies him and escapes his wrath, she marks herself as his prey. He vows to hunt her to the very end of her world and exact punishing justice on her tender flesh.
A young human woman has almost no chance against an all powerful alien king, but Iris is not as weak as she seems. This will be Archon’s most dangerous hunt yet.

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